Sebastian Vollmer, New England Patriots - Despite not making it to [Enlace externo eliminado para invitados] Indianapolis the German offensive lineman was able to have private training with the Patriots. The Patriots were impressed enough that they chose him for 2nd round in the draft of 2009. raising some eyebrows in the process. What follows is what Madden NFL 23.com said about the draft:

The Patriots are acquiring a fascinating development prospect in Vollmer. The former Cougar began with his first college job as tight end but he developed into a quality offensive tackle prospect during his senior season. Even though he's not athletic enough in left tackle in a pro, Vollmer has the size and length to grow into a starter right tackle in the near future.

Vollmer has gone on to become one of the top right tackles available in the NFL after being named a second-team AllPro in 2010.

Julian Edelman, New England Patriots. Joining with the Patriots here Edelman was a seventh-round pick in 2009. He was a as a quarterback at Kent State and got New England's attention during his professional day. As a seventh-rounder, Madden NFL 23.com didn't have much expectation:

Edelman will function in the Wildcat formation for the Patriots. He was incredibly productive as a player in the college ranks and could prove to be an expert in specific packages. He's [Enlace externo eliminado para invitados] a fascinating player to watch in New England.